Our Story

We started as a group of family farms in Nebraska that made the switch to organic farming over ten years ago to benefit our families, friends, and customers. We found that eliminating unnatural chemicals created healthier soil and crops, which in turn makes healthy people. We soon discovered the aronia berry in our search for more ways to help people through nutrition, and realized we had stumbled upon a genuine super food. The aronia berry is popular in Poland for its health benefits, but is actually native to the midwest of the United States. After trying it ourselves, we had lower blood pressure, healthier digestion, and positive effects in a short period of time. Using our established farms and years of experience, we decided to bring the aronia berry back to the midwest and share the amazing fruit with everyone.

Our Farms

Our aronia berry farms are located in the heart of the midwest, in Hastings, Nebraska. These family farms have been around for hundreds of years, throughout multiple generations. We are grateful for the family and friends we have been able to feed with our organic produce, and hope to continue sharing a healthier way of life with everyone that enjoys Truronia.


The Superfruit

The Aronia Berry contains more antioxidants and anthocyanins compared to other known superfruits, and experts say that aronia berries can help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, prevent the common cold and flu, reduce inflammation, and is good for the eyes and skin.


We’ve combined the power of aronia with other fruit juices to create a drink that is refreshing and healthy. Truronia is now available in the original aronia berry flavor, mango aronia, pineapple aronia, and coconut aronia. All of our juices are organic and guaranteed delicious. If you have any questions or comments about Truronia or aronia berries, please contact us at truronia.connect@gmail.com. We’d love to hear about your experience with Truronia or help introduce you to the health benefits of aronia berries.