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Guide To Navigating Natural Food Labels

Why organic?

Organic farming is done without the use of harmful pesticides that can have a negative impact on our bodies and the environment. Organic farmers also use different techniques to maintain the quality of their soil, including crop rotation and composting. Many people choose to eat organic because they want to eliminate excess chemicals from their diet, want to avoid genetically modified foods (GMO’s), or want to support more ethical farming practices.

What To Look For On Food Labels

When you’re in the grocery store looking for ‘healthy’ or ‘natural’ foods, it can be tricky because there are a lot of different definitions and labels. Depending on what qualities are important to you, you should keep an eye out for some of these labels.

USDA organic seal on truronia

USDA organic

Food products with the official ‘USDA organic’ label must contain at least 95% organic ingredients with no synthetic growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, biotechnology, synthetic ingredients or irradiation used in production or processing. All organic foods are also GMO-free.

All Natural

If a product simply says ‘all natural’, it could mean anything because there is no universal definition for that word in the food industry.

NON GMO label

Non-GMO Project Verified

This is the only third party program that regulates non-genetically engineered food in North America. They verify food processes from field to shelf to ensure they meet the non-GMO requirements.


Free-range chickens are required to spend part of their time outside and do not live in cages. There are currently no standard requirements for free-range cows or pigs. You can do more research on your farm source to understand the origins of your animal products.

Locally grown

There isn’t a standard definition for locally grown, so make sure to inspect the label to see when your food is being manufactured and sourced. Buying locally grown foods can help support farmers near you, and often means they are putting care into what they produce.

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Tru Standard

Our aronia berry farms are located in the heart of the midwest, in Hastings, Nebraska. We use a process called High Pressure Processing (HPP) to ensure our organic aronia berries maintain the freshest taste and nutrients. It’s a cold pasteurization technique that allows the maximum amount of antioxidant power to transfer from fresh berries into our aronia juice.

All of our aronia products are made from the best berries from our family farms in Nebraska. We currently have four aronia juice blends in coconut, pineapple, mango, and original flavors, as well as 100% aronia juice and frozen berries.