Busy Day? Try These 4 Things

Busy Day? Try These 4 Things

If you’re part of the majority of Americans who work a desk job, you understand how your body can create bad habits. Beyond just emotional stress, there are a variety of habits that can develop into lower back pain, carpal tunnel, neck and shoulder pain, weight gain, and even musculoskeletal disorders.

Bad habits don’t have to mean permanent damage, though. By incorporating some stretches and behaviors throughout your work day, you can make small adjustments to help you feel lighter and stress-free. It’s a great way to be mindful of your body and a transition towards self-care behaviors.


Here are some tips to keep the stress away at work:

Healthy habits at work for self care

Body movin’, body groovin’.

Every hour, try to get up and walk around the office. Take deep breaths and stretch out our feet, as well as arms and shoulders. Opt for the stairs when you can, and make sure to sit in your desk with active posture.

Stretch at your own desk.

Sit on the edge of your chair and stretch out your legs, flexing your calf muscles. If you want a deeper stretch, move forward and try to touch your toes slowly for a lower back exercise. Look up and then down for 20 seconds each way to give your neck some care. Throughout your day, you can also flex your core then release for a simple abdominal stretch.

Give your eyes a rest.

Screen time can also affect our bodies more than we think. Our eyes get used to looking at a static position for longer periods of time. Remember to close your eyes from time to time or take a walk outside to grab some sunshine. Your eyes will thank you after a long day of work.

Get some laughter in.

Some good belly laughs seem to be rare during the work week, but it’s not impossible. Grab lunch with some coworkers or listen to a comedy podcast on your lunch hour. Separating some time for yourself and finding joy in the little things will ease up some stress.

Drink your way to better health.

A busy day needs an extra boost! Grab a fresh bottled Truronia from your supermarket and enjoy its health benefits. Aronia berries help protect your immune system and is heart-healthy. 

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