This Super Berry is the New Trend for 2018

This Super Berry is the New Trend for 2018

This is the next big superfood that you’re going to want to keep on your radar. The aronia berry, or chokeberry, is native to North American wet regions. These berries have been used in Lithuania as wine products, as well as in Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina for teas, jams, and juices. You can bake or cook with these superberries to reap their tasty benefits, or easily drink a Truronia juice, which comes in many flavors.

Move over, açaí! The aronia berry will be the next big trend in health for this year. Why? It has great perks for your health and is found right here in the U.S. At Truronia, we harvest these potent berries in Hastings, Nebraska and bottle their superpowers fresh in California.

aronia super berry

1. The aronia berry has amazing antioxidants!

This super fruit has a higher antioxidant level than other berries. Antioxidants, of which common compounds are Vitamin C and E, help our bodies protect against oxidation. The free radicals from the oxidative processes are neutralized by the berry’s anthocyanins. Give your immune system a boost with these powerful berries.

2. They're great for your hair, skin, and nails.

It’s no surprise that these special dark purple berries bring you more vibrant glow. The aronia’s proanthocyanidin inhibits molecules that break down collagen- the main protein in our hair, skin, and nails. Why not drink your way to shiny hair, strong nails, and clear skin?

3. Get that blood pumping!

Studies show that superfruits high in proanthocyanidin can help improve circulation in the body, making sure that your blood isn’t working too hard to get to every region. In addition to improving your circulation, the aronia also helps reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation, a part of the body’s normal immune response, is reduced due to the berry’s antioxidant properties.

aronia berry heart healthy

4. This super berry is heart-healthy.

Aronia’s anti-carcinogenic qualities follow suit with strengthening capillary walls. It protects the cells in our heart from damage and fragmentation of the DNA. Think of the aronia berry as an ally for your cholesterol! Too much cholesterol can negatively impact your body, circulating in the blood, with the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Aronia aids in balancing out your LDL cholesterol (bad) with HDL cholesterol (good).

5. Aronia is gut-friendly.

If you’ve been feeling bloated and sluggish? This superfruit is rich in fiber, resetting your digestive system so that ALL systems are go! Fiber not only maintains and regulates your bowel health, but it also helps control blood sugar. Healthy diets with plenty of fiber are especially important for those individuals with diabetes. A happy gut is a healthy gut!


Including aronia berries in your diet can be as easy as drinking a juice! Whether you want to naturally detox your body, boost your immune system, or just want to try a healthier drink option, Truronia juices have you covered. We’re already at your favorite health markets, like Erewhon and Mother’s Market & Kitchen.