Self Care: Why Is It Important?

Self Care: Why Is It Important?

Truronia aimed to focus on the theme of self care during September because we believe a healthy mind goes well with a healthy body. Practicing self care means putting your own mental health first in order to prevent emotional stress or physical exhaustion.

Our Self Care September is coming to an end, but practicing these healthy habits do not have to stop at the end of the month. Maintaining the good habits that keep you focused throughout your week is very important. It’s not efficient just to practice self care when things get bad. Performing these routines as an ongoing effort to keep your mental health in check is the best solution to balance out emotional well-being. If you’re not feeling your best, you will not do your best. So take a step back, take a deep breath, and engage in a calming routine.  

Truronia Self Care September

Everyone is different, and that’s okay!

These self care routines can vary from individual to individual. Some people like to focus their energy by knitting, drawing, or painting while others would rather take a long bath or watch their favorite show for a couple of hours. This could also mean going for a brisk jog or even refraining from social media for an entire day. You get to choose what methods work best so that you feel completely at ease.

Practice makes perfect.

Getting to know your own body’s limits will help you understand when you have to stay in, enjoy a cup of hot tea, and focus on relaxing. Once you get used to noticing how you breathe in specific situations (i.e. shallow breathing during tense moments), you are more able to be ready to cope with stress. Meditation has helped many understand their body, as well as improving mindfulness.

Keep your friends closer-

If you’re someone who brings yourself up through others, you can always engage in small activities with friends or family. Watching a movie together or simply enjoying a night in playing board games is self-care too, as long as you’re enjoying your time together. This extends to reaching out to longtime friends for a call or cutting ties with the toxic people in your life.

Treat yourself.

Part of practicing self care is acknowledging that it’s okay to put yourself first. It can be easy to forget that your mind and body experience a lot of wear and tear, so it’s important to implement some habits that keep you at your best. This includes letting yourself set aside time to create a healthy meal plan, exercise, read a book, or get back to your favorite hobby. The health of your mind and body are intertwined, so you have to take care of both!

Truronia Self Care September

Thank you for participating in Self Care September! We loved receiving your submissions and learning about how everyone practices their own form of caring for their minds and bodies.


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