Origin of the Aronia Berry

Origin of the Aronia Berry

Aronia berries are native to North America as well as some places in Europe. Native Americans used aronia berries for their healing properties, which helped treat everything from digestive issues to fevers. The juice was even used as a coloring in clothing dye and paint. While aronia berries had been temporarily forgotten by the United States, the incredible fruit has remained very popular in eastern Europe. Poland is currently the world’s largest supplier of aronia berries, where the fruit is commonly used in jams, baked goods, juice, or eaten fresh. In recent years aronia berries have been gaining popularity in North America again because of the many health benefits they provide.


Disease-Fighting Benefits

 Aronia berries contain the most antioxidants of any berries - more than blackberries, blueberries, and cranberries. The most potent compound in aronia (and other dark berries) is a micronutrient called a polyphenol. Polyphenols are only produced by plants and have antioxidant effects that have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, inflammation, and even cancer. Many people use aronia berries to relieve digestive issues, as well as help manage pain or symptoms associated with chronic illnesses such as arthritis or Crohn's disease. Incorporating aronia berries into anyone's diet will boost your immune system and help the body function at its best.


The New Superfood

 Aronia berries are already commonplace throughout Europe, but many people in North America and the rest of the world have yet to learn about the superfood. Health foods like kale and acai have had their moment in the spotlight, but aronia berries truly are the next superfood with staying power. Truronia has the ability to make the amazing aronia berry accessible to everyone, by creating a delicious organic juice in different fruit flavors. Aronia berries can have a sour taste, but pressing them into juice and mixing with other fruits brings out the natural, sweet flavor without any added sugars.

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Made With Care

 Truronia berries are farmed in the midwest in Hastings, Nebraska on an organic family farm. Because aronia berries are only harvested once a year, we take extra care to ensure our berries are fresh year-round by sealing in the best taste and nutrients. We use a method called High Pressure Processing (HPP), a cold pasteurization technique that prevents our aronia juice from losing any flavor or antioxidant power. Each bottle of Truronia has the recommended serving of aronia berries for optimal health benefits, including daily servings of vitamins and revitalizing antioxidants. 


Our Truronia

 We are excited to share aronia berries with everyone by creating four delicious juice blend flavors, including Original, Mango, Pineapple, and Coconut. Truronia is the perfect drink to kick off your morning and help you feel healthy the rest of the day. Incorporating Truronia into your daily diet could help you achieve long-term benefits such as improved digestive health, lower blood pressure, and less inflammation. Our goal is to spread the knowledge about aronia berries to inspire as many people as possible to live their healthiest, happiest lives.