How Our Aronia Berries are Harvested

How Our Aronia Berries are Harvested

While Aronia berries seem quite new to the general market today, but they’ve been around in North America for ages. Europeans have been using these tart berries in jams and wines! It’s only a matter of time before everyone starts putting these special superberries in their diets.

Let’s learn about how these berries are harvested!

The Aronia berries are grown in Hastings, Nebraska.

Hastings is a city in southeast Nebraska. Fun fact: The Oregon Trail cuts through the city at a state marker, and it’s also the town where Kool-Aid was invented!

A farmer takes the berries out from their bushes.

Farmers like Keenan Friesan drive a tractor with a berry-pulling machine attached, taking the berries into the machine where the soil and leaves are brushed off. 

The Aronia berries are dropped off on a conveyor.

This two-set conveyor belt brings a tray of berries that holds about 30 pounds. They travel through a de-stemmer machine. These berries are ready to be made into juices!

The berries are now processed!

Fresh Aronia berries are squeezed into juice and then frozen to get bottled. They’re bottled as our organic Aronia berry juice or mixed with other flavors, like our Coconut, Mango, and Pineapple Aronia berry juices.

Aronia Berry Harvesting

Straight from our farms to your local supermarkets, Truronia brings you the benefits of Aronias- tasty and organic. Come and see for yourself at supermarkets like Mother’s Market and Erewhon!


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