How Do Antioxidants in Aronia Berries Work?

How Do Antioxidants in Aronia Berries Work?

What is the Aronia berry?

The aronia berry, otherwise known as a chokeberry, is a dark-purple fruit that is native to North America. Its special ‘power’ comes from its high composition of antioxidants and micronutrient polyphenol. The aronia berry is a bit bigger than a blueberry. They’re often included in the whole form in meals, such as salads, desserts, and breakfast cereals. By itself, the aronia berry is tart in flavor but can taste sweeter in combination with other fruits like pineapples and bananas. Although the health benefits are astounding, the aronia berry can be difficult to come by in a regular grocery store. The fruit is incredibly popular in Europe but is an up-and-coming superfood in the United States. Truronia is stocked at various locations throughout California and Nevada and is available online for anyone to experience the benefits of aronia berry juice.  

Truronia offers a delicious 100% juice drink as a simple way to add aronia berries to your diet. From mango to pineapple to coconut aronia flavors- getting your daily intake of antioxidants is easy to drink and delicious!

Healthy foods lead to better immune systems


So, what do antioxidants even do?

Healthline describes antioxidants, which can be water-soluble or fat-soluble, as “molecules that fight damage by free radicals, unstable molecules that can harm cellular structures.” Wait, that’s a bit confusing! Let’s break it down:

Berries have high antioxidants

Your body is always forming free radicals- this is completely normal!
Antioxidants give electrons to the free radical or break it down. 
The atom becomes stable when the chain of free radicals is stopped. 


Basically, antioxidants (in the right amount!) act as neutralizers by breaking down this oxidation chain.

What causes oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress happens when the free radicals and antioxidants in your body are imbalanced. This balance can be easily influenced by environmental factors such as the ozone layer, city pollution, and certain chemicals in pesticides and cleaning supplies. An unhealthy diet also contributes to the imbalance of these two molecules! High sugars, fatty foods, and high consumption of alcohol can also affect how your body produces antioxidant properties to fight off disease.


Include more antioxidants in your diet for a better YOU.

The typical Western diet does not include enough antioxidant-rich foods. Meat and fish contain smaller amounts of antioxidants, but better sources are green tea, dark chocolate, coffee, and berries. If an individual is very deficient in antioxidants, they can take a supplement- this is not recommended for everyone though. High doses of antioxidants can harm you, not help you, so make sure you’re taking the right amount of antioxidants in your daily diets. The best way to have the right amount of antioxidants is to have a healthy diet, full of fruits and vegetables.


Truronia is proud to bring you just the right amount of powerful antioxidants in each bottle of our aronia berry juice. We created four great flavors, fresh from our farms to your hands.